Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wanted: Pre-thinker. Must pre-think fast!

WhrrlImage via WikipediaDear Boomer+ friends,

I wrote a blog yesterday about the fact that my blog header disappeared as I was thinking about replacing it.  I found it very strange and wrote a blog called Can Google Read Our Minds?  Then I got this comment:
  Don't laugh- I have a friend who works for  Microsoft. His job is to "prethink" for the consumer. 
Microsoft actually has a "pre-thinker" on the payroll!!!  Maybe he is the guy that erased my header yesterday. He pre-thinks what I am going to think before I actually think it.

The internet has gotten so fast... if it gets much faster it will be preloading before I actually turn it on.  My blogs will be written and I will quit thinking and wait from my pre-thinker to tell me what to think.

John C. Havens' over at iMedia  is of the opinions that we even are becoming prethinkers...without wages of course.  By following websites like Whrrl or even twitter, we begin to a instinctually get a feeling for where the story will go next.  One begins to wonder how our minds are being changed by our ability to constantly follow the world as it evolves.
This process of collective intuition is amplified by AR [augmented reality] applications like Pelago's visual storytelling tool, Whrrl. The service, according to CEO Jeff Holden, is a "real-time storytelling product for people's daily lives," which aggregates multiple tweets, posts, and updates to form a kind of visual Twitter. These communal events are also shared to the larger community, which can comment while stories take place. This process creates a form of public prethinking known as group awareness. And it's the data culled from these multiple communal stories that will form the basis of future interactions in commerce and culture at large.
So there you have it...Google does know what we are going to think...there are people out there in the world that watch, note, graph, input and analyze everything we are doing.  Every FourSquare, Twit, Facebook checkin is noted.  They can then predict when we are going to buy blinds or revamp our blog!  You heard it first right here on Retire In Style!  Smile!


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  1. Orwell was right. Only he pre-thought it 27 years too early.

  2. Yes he did. Here's to George Orwell...may his memory live on!


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