Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Favorite Interior Design Websites...is spring here yet?

When I begin feeling restless and need a change I always go to the experts...interior design magazines or interior design website provide the inspiration that will get me going.  I woke up feeling bunchy this morning for some reason...I just need a change.   Am I dreaming or could spring be on it's way?

Even here in Arizona we have been suffering a very harsh winter.  Normally our park would sport beautiful snapdragons in bloom all winter.  But this year the season is going to be over soon and the snapdragons have not begun to bloom.  Call me a dreamer but spring needs to happen and soon...so I am moving spring indoors.  My little park model needs some jazzing up.

When I lived in Oregon during the winters, I would buy potted flowers at the grocery and set them in the window sill until some spring weather would come our way.  Here in Arizona I think that some color on the walls and maybe the pillows will help a lot.

I love the Canadian website for interior design called Style At Home.  The magazine reflects what we see on HGTV when the Canadian decorators like Candice Olsen and Sarah Richardson host their shows.  The trendy ideas seem to appear on their shows first.  The home decorating website featured vinyl wall designs from UrbanWalls this morning.  UrbanWalls sells through an etsy.com online store.  These wonderful designs are applied to the wall much like a decal but can be easily removed.  I thought the graphics used in the picture above were very appealing.

The oatmeal colored natural linen storage bin by Blue Bird with a small graphic bird design caught my eye too...it too was featured on etsy.com.  Both of these are small touches that can change the look of your space with out the cost of a big make over.

Apartment Therapy is all about living small.  I love their little ideas for brightening things up.  For example.......did you know that March 14 is pi day?  In honor of the most auspicious day bar ware with the numbers representing pi, 3.1415926535 are featured…!

Because I live in a small space both here in Arizona and Oregon, I am interested in their stories about small bedrooms or kitchens.  Today I found a picture of a very small bedroom with splashes of color in the accessories only.  White is such a flexible background in any room. Naturally I chose one with lots of girly colors because I am only dreaming.  If I were to do this for my house, I would need to take into consideration the fact that I share my space with a husband of 50 years.  He's pretty tolerant but I try not to push the envelop.

Have a wonderful day.  I hope I see you tomorrow!


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