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Have you ever thought about earning a little extra money but didn't want to work for someone else?  The advantages of have a job often have nothing to do with the money. A feeling of accomplishment, self esteem and even fulfilling a dream can be the motivation.  This can be the time when you actually work at that job you dreamed about but were afraid to try when you were in those all important earning years.  Jobs after retirement can also make our leisure time more valuable and enjoyable.  Here in our resort many of my friends have found ways to have their cake and eat it too.  They have little jobs, small businesses and have only themselves to answer to.  Everything from doing someones ironing to writing for Google Adsense have turned out to be "dream jobs" for retirees in the park.  Actually it is really not that hard.

10 Small Part-time Jobs :

  1. Katie is my friend that had a kidney transplant a year and a half ago.  She has never stopped working.  A local private golf course employs Katie as a waitress and it was one of the members that donated a kidney to Katie so she could live for a few more years.  We played in a tournament at that golf course today and Katie was flying around serving all the 50+ golfers.  Working after retirement has turned out to be her great love...she loves to serving other people.  Katie is almost 70.
  2. Another friend began a business selling Scentsy products last winter season.  Her success has been astounding.  She earns a good income and now has several people selling under her.  She devotes a little time each week to the business but not enough that it cuts into her time golfing and socializing with her friends. The business has brought her new friends from around the park...she just considers that to be a bonus.  Oh by the way, she is in her early 70's.
  3. Janie down the street is going to sell Christmas wreaths next fall.  She bought the materials at the post Christmas sales this last January and will assemble them in October.  She will try it for one year to see if she can make any money.  She has already rented her spot at a bazaar in Fort Worth.  Janie is in her mid 70's.
  4. I have a friend that irons to make a little money...she loves to iron so it is just fun for her.  She uses the money to get a pedicure once a month.  She is a couple of years younger than me.
  5. My friend Jack sells park models in our RV resort.  He makes $500 with each sale.  Even though the job is frustrating sometimes, he is wonderful at sales and it is a natural for him. Jack is 80 years old.
  6. Then there is me...the blogger.  I set a goal for myself last spring to find a way to make a little more money with my Google Adsense Ads.  Google does a wonderful job of providing me with key words and my readers are kind enough to take a look at the ads on the blog page.  Each month my income has grown a little bit and my readership is growing all the time.  I love to blog so any money that comes my way is just a bonus.  I started blogging when I was around 64 and have been doing it for almost 5 years.
  7. Several of the residents here in the resort work for the management doing guard duty at the gate or working in the office for a few hours a week.  There are not a lot of jobs here in the park but doing volunteer work can lead to employment.  
  8. My husband's friend Bob as manage to get a job at Ventana Canyon Golf Club and plays with his friends for a minor fee AND makes money each month for his wonderful hobby.  He builds some of the most beautiful model airplanes you have ever seen. Bob turned 80 last month.
  9. I noticed on the bulletin board that a lady was doing alterations for a fee.  
  10. There is a woman in the park the makes decorated birthday cakes.

Being creative and willing to work a little can have some wonderful rewards.  The list could go on and on...washing park models or windows.  Handiman work is always needed.  Plumbers or electrician can help owners do their own repairs.  We need a rental manager for the residents in this park...someone to keep an eye on property when it is empty or rented when the owners are not around.  Working after retirement is not really a job...usually it is a labor of love.

Have a wonderful week.

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  1. There is a company called Westat that does different types of surveys- hospitals, schools, and such. They hire part time. They are easy to work with. I did it for three months and made enough to play the rest of the year. They LOVE older workers who do not need a full income to survive.

  2. I started a part time job about 4 years ago for company that employs my daughter She gets to be my boss some of the time which she enjoys tremendously.

    I am a tour guide for people who come to Phoenix for conventions or business meetings. It is simple work that pays well and involves nothing more strenuous than standing or sitting for 4 or 5 hours. All the tour guides are retired.

    I can choose how often I want to work and which days. The extra money goes towards vacations and extras. It is a perfect part time job.



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