Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday for Seniors: What's Hot on the Internet Today!

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Our Obsession with Self Diagnosis from the Huffington Post or DON'T BE ANNOYING!
Too much information?  It seems that we do a little more surfing to find a diagnosis for our ails than we should...or at least that is what our doctors think. It made me stop and ask myself...Self, do I need to go to the doctor first and then do the research? I heard a voice in my head saying...NO!!! I need to be informed.  In a article in the Huffington Post a Dr. Pamela Peeke said:
These Internet interludes result in what I refer to as the "Internet Printout Under the Arm" sign. As soon as we enter the consultation room, the patient will whip that wad of wisdom out from their armpit, and then there are three of us in the room -- the patient, the physician and the Internet.
It seems to me that it is a matter of good manners. Doctors are smart and well educated. We will never know as much as they do no matter how much we surf the internet. There is a difference between telling the doctor the diagnosis before they can speak and listening to our doctors while having an intelligent conversation about the problem. We need our doctors so we should not be annoying! Wouldn't you agree?

Leaving Email Behind
I am not so sure that this is as web related as it could be. Still I think it is worth noting...especially if you are a parent that uses email to connect with their children. My friend and I were talking about a miscommunication she had with her son.  It seems he was giving a party. She had sent an email offering her help and he had not read it! Does that sound familiar?  Well, this is what I have discovered. Young people ( ages 10-60) to not read their email...they have gone beyond the email and moved on to text messaging with their cell phones.  She looked at me in surprise when I gave her this news. To think that just a little while ago we were bemoaning the loss of snail mail and soon we will be longing for a simple email!

For seniors slow to embrace the technology age this is not good news. Being left behind, left out, out of touch is not a good thing. So listen up people!

The latest fad on the cell phone app scene (at least for me) is FourSquare. This app allows you to check in at a location and your friends/family will be able to see what you are up text, no email, no twitter...just FourSquare!

There are several apps I use a lot. My maps app serves as our GPS in the car. I also love a Cook's Illustrated  app.  I used my free membership day last week at the grocery and it was wonderful. My recipe, shopping list and instructions were in my phone! What a deal.

Found in the news:
The researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. worked with a litter of mice that were genetically programmed to age quickly. They then had a select group of mice involved in repeated physical activity, like running on a wheel.
After five months, the mice who exercised not only looked younger, their internal organs were also healthier.
I was just saying!!!
Have a wonderful day!
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  1. Recently my wife had dramatic proof of the point in the e-mail article that many younger people no longer e-mail. She was trying to organize an artist exhibit at church.

    Those involved told her they didn't like to receive phone calls because they were interruptive. They didn't like e-mail because it was too slow and took too much time to wade through. Texting was the preferred way to communicate.

    My wife doesn't text. So, she was left with a terrible problem. Eventually she reverted to an old fashioned method: stopping the people after church and talking directly to them.

    Sometimes you just have to improvise.



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