Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleep and Seniors...#1st "Choose the Right Mattress!"

We all look forward to a good night's sleep. Sleep allows our body to rest and to restore its energy levels. Without enough restful sleep, not only can we become grumpy and irritable, but also inattentive and more prone to accidents. Like food and water, adequate sleep is essential to good health and quality of life. NIH Senior Sleep
I think that finding the right bed is just as important as finding the right fridge or sofa. We spend half of our life in bed...some of us even more.

I will spend countless hours deciding what kind of bed frame we want, completely forgetting the most important item in the bedroom, the mattress. I have to remind myself that if the mattress is not suitable, it will not matter whether or not I have a four-poster bed with ornate carvings, or a cabin bed that supplies much needed storage space. This is not a doesn't matter how we matters how we sleep!

But what is the correct mattress? We are all different so it stands to reason that our mattress should be an individual choice too. That means that what might be the best for one person could be the worst for another.

I have known people that slept on a very hard mattress and found it ideal for their sleeping needs. It is said that hard mattresses works best for those who sleep on their backs. A hard mattress fully supports the full area of the flattened out body, making back sleepers comfortable through out the night.

Softer mattresses are often considered by shoppers to be the most comfortable because it says they are "soft" even when a hard mattress better suits their needs. Softer mattresses tend to be used by those who sleep on their sides. The natural lumps and bumps created by the side sleeping position means the body needs a slight ‘hugging’ from its mattress.

What if you sleep on you side and your partner sleeps on their back. Short of sleeping in separate beds there has to be a better way. A website from the UK had this to say about the Memory Foam Mattress:
... the world’s best mattress for the hugging effect is the Memory Foam Mattress. No matter how much people say that the old spring mattress is better for you, the less it becomes true. Memory foam mattresses are suitable for whatever position you sleep in. Even if you prefer a hard mattress you will not be dissatisfied by a memory foam one. The gentle molding quality of the mattress is not a soft sensation but a firm, supporting quality. from Memory Foam Mattress Direct, UK
I have used this kind of mattress and it actually feels like it defies gravity. It takes away all those pressure point no matter what our shape. I wake with fewer aches and pains in the morning.

So find the mattress that best suits you. The Memory Foam people say it's mattress not only fits your will make the waking hours more pleasant. I think they may be right!


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  1. My wife insisted on a memory foam mattress when we moved 5 years ago. At first it seemed strange but now I have no complaint. I don't have problems sleeping but maybe the mattress should get the credit.


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