Friday, May 27, 2011

Fab Over Fifty (or Sixty?)

I am 69 years lie!  In certain light I look every bit my age and then some.  In another I can almost find the young person I really am in my face.  Actually, I am not so in love with the mirror anymore. But if you give me beautiful clothes and a date with my husband to go dancing, the years fade away.  When I begin to feel down I remember what 69 looked like when my mother was that age and I am very content.  One of my favorite blogs called Fab Over Fifty published a post called What Fifty Used to Look Like.  Fifty now is what 25 used to be.  I guess it is all relative to how long we live.

One of my new and exciting adventures includes inclusion in a group of women chosen as Gurus for the Fab Over Fifty website.  FOF is a place for experienced women to gather and learn how other women in their age bracket are living their lives.  I have gotten to feel very at home there.  In my roll as a Guru I am asked questions about the Portland area or just about anything that someone needs an answer for and I get to throw my two cents worth of advice in.  It is a lot of fun.

I have a membership that I pay for each year.  In exchange I get to try the best beauty products and share my opinions about their effectiveness.  So far I have received a product for making the eye lashes grow called Lashfood Nano-Peptide Eyelash Conditioner and a filler by Clientele  designed to cover dark circles under the eye and act as a eyeshadow foundation.   I loved them both.  AND it has been so much fun to actually try those products.

As a result of this experience,  I am taking a whole new look at my face and my age.  I am actually embracing who I am with a lot more enthusiasm.  Why?  Because I have found that beauty is not about fact age is not about anything when it comes to our appearance.  I have always been what and who I am.  Whether I choose to feel good about that has always been my choice.  Fab Over Fifty has given me some new experiences that I would not have had if I had not been my age.  How cool is that.  I am doing what young people are not allowed to do!

I feel fabulous and why not?  Get yourself on over to FOF and take a look.  It is a very interesting place to be.

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  1. Barbara, you are amazing as always. Thanks for that post. Norah


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