Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Travel: Good News! The world is looking fine!

Rancheria RV Park Campsites by the lake!
 The Best Day Ever...and the sun was shining!    
Sit on the bed and cook!
     When we were in Carson City NV we stayed at a small casino with a Best Western Motel.  Like most casinos, this one had a restaurant for breakfast.  When the waitress was seating us I asked if we could sit in the sunroom.  She said that we could but we needed to be aware that there was a big group of men.  They were noisy and they sang.  Did we mind that?  What a lovely surprise. We were seated in the room with a group of men that sang close harmony in competition and for their restaurant audience.  How wonderful was that?
A tiny camp house...sleep 4, kitchen bath, closet!
     We had chosen to travel from Carson City through Susanville and the up HWY 89 over to Shasta City just south of Mount Shasta. We stopped for lunch at an RV park where I got my first really close up look at one of those tiny houses I write about. I was handed a key so I could look inside. There are three of these little jewels in the RV park and they are full most of the time. Lucky for me the people staying had gone home.
     The price of gas was very near $4.00 a gallon.  We could tell we were back in Oregon when a man came out and filled our tank and the price of gas was less than in California and about the same as Nevada. Imagine a state that is green from north to south AND you do not have to pump your own gas.  I love Oregon!

News from the Road    
     Sometime last week I wrote about coming back to Oregon from Arizona. We have made that trip so many times I swear we could do it in our sleep...or at least that is what I thought. Just when I begin to feel smug and like a "know it all" I find out what I don't know. This trip was like that!
     This time we left Las Vegas and took the route that we had not traveled since George W. Bush was president. I remember the down in the toe look of everything then. I don't know how to describe the feeling.  Builders were throwing up houses and office buildings empty sat waiting for who knows what.  It just didn't feel right. But then that is what we love about never stays the same.  People just keep going and eventually we are all right. I actually think I feel hope in the air!
     This what we are seeing out here in the world. First Tucson began to look good...stores fronts are filling up and people are out eating, golfing and buying. Not at a reckless pace but in a sane kind of way. Streets are clean and the feeling is upbeat.
     Then we stayed overnight in Wickenburg, AZ. I noticed that only one shop that I liked had closed and that was because the woman that owned it was ill. But then I found four others to take it's place. They were all doing a brisk business.
     The next morning we played golf at the Wickenburg Golf Course. The restaurant was bustling and the course was busy. Later that day we traveled on to Las Vegas stopping at a casino for dinner on the way. The casino was not full of wild gambling (that is a good thing) but everything was going at an even pace and the restaurant was busy there too. We drove out to Nellis Air Force Base to spend the night. The neighborhood around the base looked very good. North Las Vegas was building and adding to malls.
     The road then took us to Carson City, NV.  We had not been to the capital of NV for many years. I was very impressed with the community.  It was not perfect but then no community is.  But businesses were doing fine.  Reno took me totally by surprise. That place is just booming.
     So you tell me this. Are my eyes fooling me. Is it just me that thinks that perhaps the economic forecasters might quit looking at their bar graphs and take some time to look out the window?  I think that while the nay-sayers are glooming around, the American people are getting on with their lives.  That, my friends, is very good news.

Highway 89 is an All-American Road Scenic byway, one of only 27 in the United States.
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