Friday, August 19, 2011

How I shut my computer down...humor!

Apple Inc.Image by marcopako  via FlickrMy computer has decided that it does not like to be shut down.  It lets me close all the applications and very nicely allows me to look at the choices available for putting the baby to bed.  It will even tell me that this or that is not closed properly like all good little Apple computer will.  Then I can click the shut down icon and it will shut down, the screen goes blank and everything will be very quiet for a few second.

That is when I begin to sneak away from my desk.  I roll the desk chair back quietly and turn to the left so I won't bump the desk or touch the track pad.  Just as I am rising from my chair it will suddenly spring back to life.  I will hear a BONG and the computer will reopen as though it has been asleep for the required 10 hours.  Like a wakeful two year old I swear it would get up and follow me out of the room if it could.

On a few occasions I have actually unplugged the naughty machine, forcing it to be quiet for the required length of time.  I have come to believe that this computer may be a living force of nature that cannot be told what it will or will not do.  It is saying "yes I do know how to do the things you ask but I will never tell you how to make me do it."  Thank heavens I know where the plug is located...Apple put it in a very convenient location for a good reason I think.  Sigh!

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