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Just a Few Good Reasons to Retire by Erik Braunitzer

Courtesy of PDE, New York City Real Estate Agents.

It’s refreshing to hear some good news about retirement. Erik Braunitzer is an invited guest writer for Retire In Style Blog. He writes for Elliman Real Estate in NYC and has a degree in Philosophy. I think you will be interested in what he has to say.

Just a Few Good Reasons to Retire

For a majority of people, owning a home is considered to be one of the most important assets. To those who’ve recently retired, their home may be much more than just a financial asset, but rather a sentimental one at that. This is where retirement and the urge to relocate can become tricky.

It’s a tough choice, but one that should be made carefully. More commonly found in first time homebuyers, there comes regret, or what I like to call RRR (retirement relocation remorse.) But before you go drowning yourself in a pool of your own sympathy, remember that there are plenty of good reasons to get off your butt; call the most reputable relocation agency, and get moving.


One of the biggest motivators is debt. Retired workers frequently retire with payment(s) leftover, which is definitely not desirable. So what’s the solution? Find a smaller home. Not only will a smaller home cover your old mortgage debt, but also it will yield cheaper costs in the long run. Remember, gas, electric and water don’t ever get “paid off.”

For those of us without enough equity to cover the new home, having a less costly mortgage still yields greater affordability.


And a smaller home will almost always be more eco-friendly, considering the furnace and common appliances are updated with energy star ratings. You can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint!

Physical Stress

Although you’re feeling happier and more relaxed in your retired lifestyle, the effects of mowing and landscaping may be taking its toll. Therefore, it’s with great recommendation that you consider moving into a condo, or perhaps looking into community homes. It’s funny how the same lifestyle live during our college years happens to be the most desirable as we approach senior citizen status. Yet, it can make for a much more accommodating, comfortable lifestyle.

Lifestyle & Climate

Living in a community certainly comes with social benefits. Even more importantly, these condos or community homes are typically equipped with some of the latest in appliance technology, including central air. The greatest concern retired folks have with their community however is it’s location. Generally, people want to settle in a warmer, weather-friendly climate. Living where it’s warm is more appealing to a high percentage of homeowners, particularly for those that are actively involved in outdoor activities like fishing, golfing and simply observing nature.

Most of the above are unprejudiced, but there are varying opinions regarding things like weather and labor. Sometimes retirees enjoy staying busy by doing all the daily duties that come with owning a home, and Christmas may be a holiday preferable with snow.  An even more important decision-maker is family; sometimes relocating to a warmer climate isn’t as convenient for close families. Nevertheless, there are enough unbiased reasons to switch locations, including financial benefit and sustainability. Before you consider retiring, be sure to think about all of the above with logic and love in mind.

"Erik Braunitzer is a member of the creative writing & web strategy department at PDE. With a degree in Philosophy and Management IS, he works closely with Content Developers and off-site Web Experts to maintain web relations and boost visibility for PDE. For more information on how to get your New York City Rental, visit Elliman Real Estate today! "

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