Monday, August 8, 2011

Pot Light Conversion Kits & Spray new again!

Conversion (retrofit) kit from Lowes
transformed can light!
We just moved into a different to us!  But it was built 15 years ago.   We are very impressed with the quality material but it is just a little bit out of style.  All it needs is some paint, cleaning and a few cosmetic changes.  You know...a light fixture here and a can light there.  So, instead of buying new stuff right off the bat, we went and bought a can of silver spray paint and a pot light conversion kit (a light fixture retrofit kit.)

My husband disconnected the light fixture from the ceiling and removed the decorative glass shades.  He taped the sockets with blue painter tape and hung the light fixture from the ceiling of our garage.  He took great care and time to apply light coats to cover the light fixture and chain completely.  When the old brassy light fixture was rehung with it's new silver paint we were very pleased.  Now the chain needs to be longer but that will come another day.

We purchased a pot light conversion kit as Lowe's the second day we moved in.  It was a matter of removing the light bulb, screwing in the fixture and tightening it to the ceiling.  No one will be the wiser and it really does look very sharp over the kitchen sink.  The bar you see above the windeow is the beginnings of a pot rack that will hang there.  I love my pot racks!
Brassy light fixture after spray paint changing
it to silver...much better!

Have a wonderful day.

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