Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day in China...getting around in Shanghai

The first day we arrived here in Pudong (east Shanghai) we went to out granddaughter school for special Christmas events and a writer's workshop in the 2nd grade.  One of the delightful sidelights for these school visits is listening to expat teachers talk about their homes, families and their experiences here in China.  I love to see what they do when they are not being a "teacher".

One young teacher told about her father visiting recently.  She said he was  afraid to leave the Shanghai links here where our son lives.  He had gone out the wrong gate one day and was faced with guards that did not speak English.  They would not let him back in.  It frightened him to be locked out.  You have to understand what that would be like.

Pearl Tower...a landmark so we won't get lost! (photo by b)
The links provides shuttle to several stops over here on the east side of the Shanghai metro area.  A grocery store, park, metro station are jumping off places for what you would like to do.  We were given this similar experience when we were here several years ago.  However, since the subway system has expanded by several fold in those years, the shuttle only makes three stops now.  If, for example, we wanted to go to the city for the day, we would stop at the metro station and hop on the Green Line and get off on Nanjin Lu or even the People's Square.  From there we could walk around the very center of the city keeping tall buildings as markers for our location.  As long as we can walk we are always able to get around. 

If we were staying somewhere else, the first place we would locate would be a metro station.  This wonderful transportation system will take you anywhere you need to go.

Taxi's are always available so, if we decide to use one, we will carry business cards with the address on Chinese. Even travel books have the locations written in Chinese in the back of the book.  Just get us to a metro station and we will be fine. 

Afraid?  Well yes, it is a little intimidating and my heart is in my throat a lot of the time. I am very lucky my husband is up for the adventure too.  But here in China we feel safe.  Unlike Bangkok, for example, the charlatans do not lurk between buildings or in dark alleys. 

Be well and stay posted.


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