Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day in China...It's the "people's" road!

Note:  This is the third time I have spent an extended period of time in and around the Shanghai area.  In this city that claims to be the largest in the world, the wonders would never end, at least not for me.  

It is the "people's road" I remind myself.  I get the feeling that in this communist country, the population has learned to ignore or disregard anyone that would try to hold the upper hand.  They walk down the middle of the road with total disregard for their safety slowing traffic to a stand still with an attitude that says we are sharing the "people's road".  Not even a big truck is better that a small person...we are all equal!  

Country Road/Rice Drying

Rice drying on the street in the village

The full meaning of this way of thinking hit me yesterday when we were driving in a rural area west of Shanghai.  As we turned on a wide boulevard paved with concrete, we were faced with two lanes covered with rice drying in the sun.  Farmers camped on the road to guard their harvest and people raked the rice by hand or pulled ancient wooden rakes behind their vans.  As far as the eye could see golden rice lay in the sun.  Even in the middle of a small village the rice dried near the center line and cars shared the road with the farmers, pedestrians and traffic. 

I keep thinking "WHO KNEW!!!"  Greetings from China. 


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