Thursday, May 17, 2012

Date Night Costs a Lot...even at our age!


I don't know when you were out on a date with your spouse last but I bet you gave some thought to how you looked.  Just the word "date" conjures up images of a new dress or shoes.  It might even be the occasion that has you looking for a new hairdo or a day at the spa. This is what Turbotax had to say:
Dating can be expensive. Whether you plan to go out on a simple date to see the latest movie like Battleship staring Rihanna or to a Lady Gaga concert, the price you pay to impress your date can set you back quite a bit.  Hopefully you held on to some of your tax refund if you plan to wine and dine that special someone, since a simple night out can cost you over $200.00 in some cities.  Check out our infographic to see how much a “(not so) cheap date” cost in cities around the world. 
I loved this infographic.  Maybe we should rethink what we spend on clothes. Make that date pay for the good stuff instead. Smile!



  1. So interesting. Two things: Thankful I don't live in those cities where it's most expensive, and I'm thankful I don't feel obligated to get new clothes for dates. (Well, new clothes would be nice, but certainly can't afford that right now.)
    Actually, I'm most thankful I'm not single and date nights with my husband usually mean picking up takeout and watching a rented Netflix movie.

    Interesting info. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love a date night with my husband. It usually is very simple. But occasionally it is nice (for the woman in this marriage) to get dressed up and eat at a place with real plates and a waitress or waiter! I'm just saying!!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing the useful information with us.



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