Friday, June 22, 2012

The cat is can we have a hamster?

My son and his wife loved their had survived a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, a summer in the Saudi dessert and a week in a rat trap in China.  When it died a few weeks ago it had used all of it's nine lives.

Lester was a very useful cat.  When my granddaughter Amelia asked for a hamster she was told "No, because Lester would eat it!".  When she wanted a gerbil she was told "No, we can't have a gerbil or a rat or even a bird...Lester would eat them all!"  So Amelia was convinced that her life would alway be just about Lester.  But she is a very optimistic little girl so her cup was full to over flowing.

Amelia's Roller Skates, Christmas 2011
Then Lester the cat died. Amelia is only 4 so she barely sees the world at all...her little bubble includes a space about as big as her ams can reach.  Life went on and there were no reaction at all.  Until the other night. Amelia had crawled into bed between her mom and dad because of a bad dream and was happily dreaming when she started awake. "Dad, Dad, now that Lester is dead can we have a hamster?"

See this is the thing...when you are an optimist like Amelia the cup is always full. Life goes on even when the cat dies because there are hamsters and gerbils out there waiting to be adopted.

How is your day going? Is your cup half full or half empty?



  1. Haha...I love her little optimism! It would make perfect sense to a 4-yr old, and even to this 68 yr old! My cup is almost always 1/2 full!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ (Pat)

  2. Last weekend was spent with my two nieces, almost 3 Taylor and 6 month old Mia. Their cup was overflowing as long as they were fed, watered and changed. The adults' cups mirrored the kids. :)



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