Sunday, June 24, 2012

Technorati tags: Am I just naive? Bath Salts? Really?

See, I am the kind of person that drinks a glass of water when I feel bad.  Hydration is cool...right?  When I was looking at technorati this morning trying to find a tag I could hook on to I noticed "bath salts".  It occurred to me that I could talk about bath know...the kind you actually put in the bath to soak in and relax. It could be a way of hydrating in a tub of water. Holy cow grandma.  I forgot for just a nano second that nothing is what it seems.  Bath salts have an appeal beyond the bath water.

The first article under the Technorati tag bath salts was titled Is my child taking bath salts? What you need to know.  It crossed my mind that if your young child were taking a bath in salts you would be one that put them there.  But reality kicked in pretty quick and I realized that the mother that wrote on Technorati Women Parenting was referring to a teen or tween and that the phrase "taking bath salts" meant the child was eating or smoking (if that is possible) bath salts. That a whole different tag definition.

I am not sure where to go with this.  Gratitude came to mind immediately.  A lot of parents are raising their children in a world that is very dangerous. Although my grandchildren are not out of the woods yet, their parents spend a lot of time with them hoping to keep them out of harms way while also letting them grow up in the real world.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As a grandparent I am left with the task of watching it unfold.  A word here and there is all I really should add to the conversation.  It is hard not to chime in. But I can tell you this...on subjects like this I don't need to say a word.  My children, like more parents in this day and age, are mindful of the dangers.  Let's hope the universe in on their side!

I really need to get out more...bath salts...yikes!!!

Just a thought.


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