Monday, June 25, 2012

Aging: Does the Back of Your Head Match Your Face?

Do you own a "rear view mirror"? I am talking about a mirror that lets you see the back of your head. I do and I happen to think owning one is a very good thing.  I asked a friend lately if she owned a rear view hand mirror. "What for," she said. "I don't ever look at the back of my head." She did not share my concern.

Does that seem like something important to you? I personally try to remember to take a look at what is going on back there once in a while. Things like gray hairs, balding and the area I always miss when I comb my hair need to be checked almost every day.

Now it has come to my attention that the back of my head needs to match my face! I know! Who would have ever thought it. A young man said jokingly that it was not right what older women could do with their hair now. He had walked up to a very young looking head of hair and when the woman turned around she was "like 80 or something" he said. Imagine how shocked he must have been.

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It seems to me that this speaks to our endless pursuit of youth and all that it represents. We have, in many cases, forgotten how beautiful we can be even when we are "like 80 or something." I give you Advanced Style, the blog and the book written by Ari Seth Cohen. Women of an advanced age are portrayed as beautiful with little emphasis on their "youthful" appearance. I like that a lot. I think that his women have managed to make the back of their heads match their beautiful faces.  
Many of the boomer blogs have sections devoted to "anti-aging formulas" and foods to make them look younger. If it were possible, and we could actually turning back the clock, our faces would always match our hair. But it isn't...aging like growing up is inevitable. I was thinking...what if we could come up with a formula or even an attitude that was "pro-aging", something that left us feeling good in our own skin no matter our age. What if we could do that?

It's just a thought.


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  1. Ha, cute post and so true. Yep, the back of my head matches the front. I think the rear end ties it all together!!

  2. I dont look at the back of my head. but my hair is completely gray and in a very short pixie style. I fluff it dry and and Im off.........

  3. Well I can't say whether the style matches, since my style is the same as it's been for years--whatever comes out of the shower! But the gray hair should take care of any miscues!

  4. You are all lucky...especially you Debby! I, on the other hand, was blessed with goose feathers for hair and no matter what I do it doesn't even match itself. Sigh! My ultimate goal is for it to look healthy with a hint of gray. Not that I'm vain or anything...:)



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