Thursday, July 12, 2012

What do you call a party with Ladybugs and Sidewalk Chalk?

The perfect summer evening gathering for grandchildren and their parents always includes the word party!  You can serve a boiled egg and call it a chicken party.  You are golden.  So I say "Grandpa and I are having a party...come on over!"  The evening instantly become magical.

Ladybug House...purchases at Saturday Market
How to Build a Ladybug Habitat on Squido
After the Ladybugs have been released into the home that
has been soaked in water.
Granddaughter playing with the Ladybugs.
Now I need sidewalk chalk (we already have a pair of 3-d glasses so any old colored chalk will work), Ladybugs and a party name! Maybe you have some ideas because I am plum out of ideas today.
Colored chalk and charcoal make the perfect
Ladybug Art!
Oh, and do you know where I can find some Ladybugs?  They seem to be very illusive and I somehow don't think they will come and live in my pretty little house unless I invite them specifically.  Maybe I should give a ladybug party!  Hmmmmmm!


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