Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ageism: Will all the ignorami or ignoramuses stand up?

Always Postpone Meetings With
Time Wasting Morons: A Dilbert Book

Examples of IGNORAMUS

  1. I can't believe they let an ignoramus like that run the company.
  2. Only an ignoramus would be foiled by the building's security system
Do young people make you feel like an ignoramus now that you are older? And if they do, don't you wonder if they would have done that if you were 20 years younger? I really don't have an answer for why. Let me know if you do. All I know is ageism just ticks me makes me want to find a few compassionate human cells and a petri dish and grow myself some new people that think people of my age are really smart! I got the idea from Dilbert!

I love the comic section of the newspaper. I always wonder how those guys come up with the perfect combination of words and images to make use laugh. Sunday Dilbert was a classic. It seems that Dilbert's boss wanted to have a brainstorming session with the employees. The pointy headed guy is so clueless that he generally sabotages a good plan, replaces it with a bad one and then proceeds to sell the bad idea using an evil cat or whatever that office devil is that occupies the corner of the desk.

The pointy headed boss guy really stepped in it this time. Does the creator of that comic hang out in your office? Or if you are retired, the place you used to work. If you were a boss, you know that bosses love makes everyone feel useful, even the ignoramuses. Brainstorming is a wonderful concept in that it allows the free flow of ideas both bad (for the ignoramuses) and good. But the rule is, as the boss pointed out, there can be no niggling or giggling. They could not make those people they viewed as ignoramuses feel unworthy. Dilbert volunteered to go first suggesting a gene project or something of the kind to create a boss that was not an "ignoramus". It was the perfect combination of a word that makes you want to laugh, a diatribe that could get a person fired and the image of the pointy headed boss sitting stunned caught in his own web of rules. If someone had said "Will all the ignoramuses stand up?" would the boss be the only one in the room standing or would Dilbert have gotten up too?  After all he almost gave the boss permission to fire him!

I know when I worked, I did not like to feel like an ignoramus. Now that I am retired, I really object it. I am the boss of me and I will not give others permission to treat me badly. I liked the idea of being in charge in the classroom when I worked and maybe people did think I was not too bright. But now...nope, not going to let that happen anymore.

Just a thought!


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