Saturday, September 22, 2012

Children's Books: DAMIEN AND THE DRAGON KITE by Raymond Macalino

If I find something good when I am shopping, I can hardly wait to tell everyone I know.  Today I need  to tell you about Damien And The Dragon Kite (click on link to buy).
Damien And The Dragon Kite (Amazon)
My husband and I walked to Saturday Market here in Hillsboro this morning. Usually I buy vegetable but today I came home with a beautiful little book written by Raymond Macalino called Damien and the Dragon Kite. Macalino was reading the book aloud to a young family.  Of course you know I am but a child at heart so there I was, standing and listening. I loved the message and simplicity of the book.
The real Damien also sold a books at the market
 but he was sold out.  Darn!

Raymond Macalino showing
Damien And The Dragon Kiteto children at market!  He autographed a copy for me too. 
Macalino is from the Phillipines where a kite festivals are celebrated each year. Damien is his little boy and actually looks a lot like the illustrations in the book. It is beautifully illustrated by Andras Balogh so that Macalino's stories comes to life magically. I was a teacher of small children for many years so you need to trust me when I tell are going to love this one!


Raymond Macalino can be found at

Note:  Children are the subject of many posts hear. Someday I will tell you about the new "drive through" window at the local 7-Eleven!  Sigh!

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  1. I lve children's books, and (happily) have many children to receive them. Thanks for the tip. BTW, the book is available on Amazon. You might want to stop by and leave a review.


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