Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zen, Worry, and the Drive-thru Window at 7-Eleven

In my imaginary Zen world, I had come to believe that worry was something that could be conquered. I would say things like "Why worry about things that probably will never happen?  If bad things do happen, that is the time to worry." Even James Russell Lowell thought worry was for other people.
Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which will never happen.  ~James Russell Lowell
As I understand the teachings of the Zen, the goal is to not just to know but to become enlightened. Wikipedia says, "Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and the personal expression of direct insight in the Buddhist teachings."  In teaching we could call this internalizing the knowledge. Ah for the ability to truly become one with the knowledge we have attained throughout our life. So that brings me to the new drive through window at the local 7-Eleven convenience mart.  

When the latest granddaughter climbed behind the wheel of the family car I was all about peace and joy and the universe being on our side. She is #6 of the 12 to learn to drive. Only one other dented the car. She drove through the back wall of the garage. As a family, it was going pretty good. That was before #6 drove through the plate glass window at the 7-Eleven.  Now, I think I can worry. I know I have permission from all grandparents in the world to suck in my breath and suffer a little anxiety. I have to acknowledge that there is no bubble that surrounds the ones I love from mistakes.

No one was hurt, we have laughed a lot and my granddaughter is embarrassed. It is all good. 

Her friend called and invited her to come have breakfast the next morning. Her dad was taking them. The friend said "We are going to the 7-Eleven. I hear they have a new drive-through window! Wanna come?"  Really, you have to giggle a little bit don't you?


Note:  I need to confess that I totally blocked the wreck that the brother of #6 had.  A little old lade (like me) pulled out in front of him at an interesection. His mothers VW was totally.  I he did not get a ticket and no one was hurt.  Now that I think about it, this driving thing is not going as well as I thought it was.

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  1. Yep, I think the situation warrants just a bit of anxiety. Just a bit, though. All's well that ends well. :D

    I have no doubt Zen thinking will no part of things when my grandsons start driving. I'm a worry wart, not a Zen master (or even Zen attempter). That is many years away, though, so maybe I'll work on it between now and then.

    Happy Monday.

  2. Really? How did you remain calm? I would have been so worried about the cost. Your approach is so much better.

    At least being a grandparent is easier than being a parent. You can love unconditionally without thinking about your increased insurance rates!

  3. Lisa,

    One of the hardest things I have had to learn as a grandmother is to let go of control. I have been a grandmother for 20 years now and I still find myself ordering children around and being a pain in the neck. But the thing in I am always very calm in the case of an emergency. I don't know why but that is just the way I am.

    I am not a Zen master...there is a lot of difference between a "wannabe" and the real thing!

    Thank you for the comment.


  4. Bob,

    Holy cow, I didn't even think of the insurance and cost. Now I am in trouble! Thank goodness my children are better off financially that we are and capable of handling what comes down the road.

    Besides, the insurance thing? Been there, done that a long time ago. Our oldest son wrecked monthly for a while! He is 48 now and doesn't wreck nearly as often these days.


  5. OMG! I hadn't even thought about what life is going to be life when Amara gets a driver license! I still remember teaching her Mom to drive and that had to have just been last week...Great post!

  6. Had to return to thank you for linking to the GRAND Social! A great one to share with the grandma gang. Thanks!


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