Sunday, October 7, 2012

4 Best Manipulative Toys for Future Mathematicians But Will the Princess Like Them?

I talked on Skype with our family in China the other night. They had just returned from Thailand. While they were there my daughter-in-law had gotten a foot message and a pedicure. She always includes the two girls when she treats herself to those girly things.

The four year old now has come to believe that being treated like a princess is not a bad thing. She says that she has decided that she will have a pedicure or a message every day.  It could be that she thinks it is her right as princess of the world.

I, on the other hand, am searching for toys to encourage the girls to be engineers or mathematician if that is where their talent lies. When I told their mother what I had been doing while she was fostering little princesses, her very reasonable answer was that they can still be engineers even if they are beautiful. Oh my gosh...she is so right.  What was I thinking? I love my daughter-in-law.

I wonder though, do you think they would want one of these? See it is very hard to buy these kind of toys that will appeal to princesses!


Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower


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