Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jaded? Not me!...Mexican travel at it's best!

Happy Hour in Cancun
I always worry that I will become jaded. I have traveled around the world to a moderate degree. I have seen some pretty amazing things. Even when we were packing for this trip to Mexico, I worried that I would not find anything that amazed or wowed me.

In past years we have stayed in resorts in Thailand and even Vietnam that just blew me away. I have been greeted in the morning by women in Thailand that spoke to me in that beautiful Thai way and asked what I needed before my eyes were even open.  What could top that? Resorts are resorts. Right?

Well it turns out that is not the way it works for me. Here at Cancun in our resort the thing that I marvel at is the beauty of this place in Mexico. The iguanas crawl along walls and flamingos stand and kneel just for my camera. The pools glisten and each person that greets us is going the extra mile to make us comfortable.

So, I am safe for now at least. I am still innocent enough that I appreciate the wonder of an ocean that roars and a palm tree that sways. I still love the feel of cool pool water on my skin in the humid afternoon. And I stand in awe as the flamingo kneels before me.  The iguana on the wall is posing just for me. Life is good.




  1. Sounds awesome. We have travelled extensively in SE Asia, so are pumped to see that you are enjoying your latest travels.

  2. Sneaking through the bushes to get the shot of the iguana was a lot of fun. I expected it to fly away. Those big lizards are extremely fast!



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