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Top Vacation Destinations for Active Travelers

Note:  I was thrilled when I received this article from a guest today. We are near Cancun in Mexico for two weeks and this is the kind of information you need to heed. Travel will bring you a lot of joy but you really must pay attention to the details.

Top vacation destinations for active travelers

In past times, retirement meant moving into the twilight years after a lifetime of work and indulging in a well-deserved rest.  Today, 50 is considered the new 40 and active individuals on the verge of retirement can look forward to some equally active future years, including a vacation or two (or more).

Active retirees literally have a world of destinations to choose from when planning their vacations.  There is a wealth of superior facilities and activities, opportunities for adventure and excitement, education and enrichment, good food and fun.

A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine…

Wine and food tours and excursions are very popular trips for over-50 travelers, with a wide variety of structured and independent trips available throughout Europe, Asia and North America.  One of the best destinations is the Loire Valley in France.  Beautiful scenery and a warm climate serve as the backdrop for countless tours of vineyards and wineries and, with the addition of delicious regional French cuisine, medieval chateaux and peaceful French villages, the Loire Valley offers the perfect locale for wine aficionados to enjoy many times over.

Life’s a beach

Beach vacations always have great appeal to travelers, and active retirees are no exception.  From the seaside towns and fishing villages of the Italian Riviera to the many unique islands and culture of the Caribbean, an extensive variety of beach resorts and destinations exist.  For a fantastic beach destination a bit closer to home, many Americans choose Florida.  The Sunshine State is home to two coastlines with splendid beaches, from soft sandy shores along the Gulf Coast to the drivable expanses of Daytona and Flagler on the Atlantic Coast, with plenty of car rentals available to complete the experience.  If travelers tire of the beach, this home of the legendary Fountain of Youth boasts a host of activities and natural attractions, from theme parks and zoos, to urban excitement and the expanse of the Everglades.

Tips and advice for 50-plus travelers

Active senior travelers should carefully research any prospective holiday destination, checking for seasonal weather issues or travel advisory information before going.  Travel warnings for specific foreign countries should always be taken seriously.  In case of an emergency, travelers should be sure to have the address and phone number of their closest consulate or embassy.

It is vitally important for travelers to safeguard their money and important documents before and during any trip.  Before visiting other countries, vacationers should advise their bank they will be accessing their account from a foreign destination.  Many financial institutions will assume that bank cards and personal data have been stolen if international transactions are recorded, unless they have been informed otherwise.  Travel insurance is also important, whether the destination is local or international.  Purchasing travel insurance ensures protection in the event of illness or injury, and is easily arranged before departure through a travel agent.  Be sure to list all planned trip activities and any pre-existing medical conditions when purchasing the policy.  Also remember to carry any necessary medications and medical paperwork in case of emergencies, and to make sure all health vaccinations are up-to-date.


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  2. I will need to add this to the list of great locations. Thank you for the relevant comment!



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