Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mexico: What do YOU know about vacation "timeshares"? Sound off PLEASE!

A ride on a resort shuttle bus can be very educational. At least that has been my experience. We rode from our Grand Mayan resort here on the Mayan Riviera into Playa Riviera yesterday and the conversation turned to timeshares.
Timeshares and drinking before noon!

The man sitting behind me had been a timeshare salesman for Marriott in Hawaii in a former life. He talked about the timeshare salesman's life. He had worked for Wyndham before getting the job in Hawaii. He talked about beginning his job.
Marriott would not let me do any sales until they had "de-sleazed" me. They would send me around with other salesmen. If I even opened my mouth they would kick me under the table. Marriott prides themselves in being the gentlemen of the timeshare industry.
Is that true? I know that when we bought our Grand Mayan week (not a Marriott property), the sales staff began at the front desk and continued unrelenting until we made the purchase. I think we were lied to but I guess the experience is seen in the eyes of the beholder. In Puerta Vallarta the woman at the front desk is famous around the timeshare holders world. Word of mouth is spreading about her. She actually refused to give us our key until we agreed to attend a presentation. The man on the bus said she needed an attitude adjustment.

But here is a story one of our bus companions related that just blew me away.
My friend agreed to take a timeshare tour in a resort here in Mexico. A limousine picked him up at the door of his resort and he was given the royal treatment. However, when he refused to buy after a lengthy presentation, the condo people told him to walk back to his resort. The limo did not make return trips for people that did not buy.
Seriously people, this is either very funny or the scariest thing I have ever heard. Some of these timeshare resorts are a long way from anywhere!

So what do you know that I don't know? Is it true that if you don't own more than one registered week with the Grand Mayan Vida Vacation group, you will never get an ocean view? Are the update presentation really not a sales pitch? Here is your chance to sound off.



  1. If you want to buy a timeshare, I will sell you one of mine for a much, much lower price than anything you will be offered there. You can also check out RedWeek.com. You can pick up a timeshare in the second market for a dollar.




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