Saturday, January 5, 2013

Travel: Oregon to Arizona with a Cat! Yikes!

We are traveling with our cat. Being a snowbird is hard enough but traveling with a cat that no one wants when we are gone makes us think very hard about what we do.  My husband loves the cat beyond reason. The cat does not like me. So it is a labor of love…traveling with this cat.

We are a bit like Ma and Pa Kettle when it comes to travel I suppose it is always the same for traveling couples. Striking the happy balance between what is necessary and what is pure extravagance is always a dilemma.

But in the end this couple both enjoy the memory and revel in the good food and great service.

We are in Pasadena, Ca. tonight staying in the Sheraton at the convention center.  The cat is determining where we stay.  The Sheraton is pet friendly.  If we are close to what we want to do, we have to pay a lot more than we would like.  But the location is great and the community is beautiful.  

Those of you that are from Portland will relate to the location.  If you were to take Northwest 23rd or the Pearl District, condense them into one, that is what you would have in old town Pasadena.  Charming, urban and youthful. It is a vibe that we love.

Arizona Doll House...we will soon be back to our
second home.
The thing you need to remember when you are staying in the center of the city, whether it be in Seattle or Pasadena, the hotel room fee does not cover parking.  Here the cost was $17+.  In Seattle it may be more.  Just count on it. In addition the Sheraton charges for internet use (around $10 a day). I could understand the parking fee at the convention center but the internet fee just blew me away.  Sigh.

We will be traveling to Phoenix, Az tomorrow.  My husband will make the reservations.  We will leave Phoenix on Sunday and arrive in Tucson early in the day.  That will allow us time to settle in, buy groceries and have dinner with friends.  It is the perfect snowbird plan.

Be well.  I will be back to normal (maybe) on Monday or Tues. It has been a very unsettle week for me. My computer quit and we are traveling (with the cat). 


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