Saturday, December 21, 2013

.@Apple TV and @Amazon Prime asks "Is Cable TV Obsolete?"

We are watching less and less cable TV. I can actually see the day when we don't pay that huge bill to our cable company anymore and simply get everything we want using our Apple TV and our Amazon Prime membership. We keep asking ourselves if it is all worth it.  

Amazon Prime Membership
Here is what we all do. We subscribe to cable tv because we want to watch sports/news/HGTV. We have a thousand channels we never even turn on and pay a huge bill for a bunch of stuff we really don't care about and never have. In fact all of our friends have memberships with Netflix or Hulu and many have a Amazon Prime membership too. All of our favorite shows both domestic and foreign are available night and day. Cable tv is only used during the football season and for the news. What a huge waste of our money. I think we will be finding a way to do without. Do you have any suggestions?

Apple TV
Here are links for the Apple TV and Amazon Prime.  Please take a look and see if you don't agree.  I think you might even be able to get a 30 Day Free Trial for Amazon Prime Membership. What I  like about the Amazon Prime membership is that it is only $79 and years and I get 2 day free shipping, unlimited free streaming of video and a hold bunch of Kindle titles free. It is one of the best values around. Plus it really does work! Amazing!

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