Friday, December 20, 2013

How much is a PLEASE worth?

In the year 2013 I discovered that there is no single reason for blogging.  The lines are blurred between good rants, efforts to sell a little of this or that and making money by providing a blog space. And of course there is the fact that I am retired and don't need any of the above to survive. The real reason I do this is because I like to write about my life as a retiree and I love to have other's opinions made visible here. In other words I do it all for fun! It is a wonderful hobbie.

All of the sponsored posts here are published for a fee.  What is the fee? Well, in most cases I am paid according to an agreement I make with a business. But, because I can, I occasionally don't take a fee or take a reduced fee.  Why? Because the person comes back to me with a reason I should give them a chance AND they say "please".

The nuts of bolts of this blogging thing can be complicated but in most cases it is very simple. People that need my services are very nice and usually will start every letter with a compliment. Although I know it is their job and they may not have even read the blog, I still like it.  I treat them with respect and I am always grateful for their contact. A little civility goes a very long ways.

So, how much is a "please" worth? In many cases, it is priceless.

Have a wonderful day.


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