Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Things That Drive Me Nuts

Nuts (film)
Just because!
I love my fun websites better than the average bear. BUT it seems that I have managed to sign up with a website (Polyvore) that sends me text messages DAY AND NIGHT. It is driving my nuts. I can not find a place to unsubscribe although I will continue looking. Did I mention that it is driving me nuts and I hate being "pushed" around. In case you don't know what a push is:
push:  In client/server applications, to send data to a client without the client requesting it.... Increasingly, companies are using the Internet to deliver information push-style. Probably the oldest and most widely used push technology is e-mail. This is a push technology because you receive mail whether you ask for it or not -- that is, the sender pushes the message to the receiver. (from Webopedia
This annoying practice is being used more and more.

Suggested Reading
Many of the women that I follow write for Huffington Post. It drives me nuts that Huff Post recommends such tacky, low to the ground stuff to me. Today, they were pointing me to why white guys marry black women and the most awkward couple in-the-world. Really?  I know that Huff doesn't pay their authors and writers are honored to have things published but when I see that kind of material, I find myself running in the other direction!

Repetitive News
About the news...I know that there has to be something interesting happening in this world but where is it. Here in Arizona they can beat a subject to death. The football issue for example...what am absolutely idiotic thing to impose on us. I wish that Arizona were the only state that does this but I know this is happening everywhere.

People Complaining about Paying Taxes
I read somewhere recently that even when people get old, they still care about what happens after they die. So why to people resent the taxes they pay for the education of our children. Don't they know that the future of the world depends on how we educate the young people? It drives me nuts.

Misc. Stuff
There are a lot of other computer, dust, a wrinkled bed, people with very high voices and pain....

I don't complain very often so when I vent I usually get it over with. I'm done.

It time for my wine and an episode on Netflix...I will be fine. Really I will!



  1. Barbara, I'm on gmail, don't know if you are but my email site has some simple settings that permit me to create a filter to automatically delete spam from any site. Never see it before it goes to "trash". It id's the spam from address, or any word or phrase I choose that is peculiar to the troublesome messages. I think other email providers have similar wards that users can put in place. Worth a look.

    1. Yes, I use gmail too. However, this website is not sending me emails, it is sending text messages day and night. I finally unfollowed them on twitter and I think that did it. I did not follow them but when I began using the site, they automatically dubbed me a follower. Darn! Drives me nuts to be fooled by stuff like that!

  2. Pump bottles with the pump that is an inch to short, drives me nuts. You have to take the pump out to get the rest of the lotion, etc. Impossible to open child proof bottles and snaps that pop open... I could go on.

    1. Boy do I hear you...those are frustrating and are often the straw that breaks the camels back. Darn.


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