Sunday, June 21, 2015

How To Make Life Last Longer!

I am at the age when each day seems like the last. The routine dominates each day and time slips through my fingers. However, on those days when I am not busy with the routine, time creeps and crawls. The trick is to not waste the time by losing it in the routine while keeping everyday full of purpose.

Sunday is the day that brings these kinds of thought to my mind. We have always looked at each other on those very slow days and said, "Sure seems like Sunday!" Back in the day Sunday was a day of rest and a whole day of "resting" made us hungry for the week that lay before us.

Our first park model back in 2008. 
But I have a few ideas to keeps the Sunday drags away.
Brayden at age 2...he is now 7
The Japanese Gardens, Portland several years ago!
  • Change is probably the most important factor in a long full life.  Even changing the path you take to the grocery, golf course or church can make a difference. A new perspective on your world creates a bigger vision of your life.
  • Move the furniture of your life about. I know this seems strange but it will feel like a change of scenery and actually give you a lift.
  • Begin thinking about a plan for the future...keep on buying green bananas because there really is a wonderful future ahead of you.
  • Take stock of what you accomplish. I think the perception of time moves both backwards and forwards. A routine means things done in a certain order but if you don't notice what those things are, no matter how mundane, time slips between our fingers.
  • Reinvent the routine; sleep in a different bed in your house, change sides of the bed, sit at a different place at the dinner table, trade tv viewing chairs with your partner. A shift in routine can create a shift in time.
  • Lists are a good thing. Make lists of the books you have read, the places you have travels to, friends, favorite anything and best foods. I think life becomes more meaningful when you remember to keep track.

I know that life goes far too fast. Children grow up and then grandchildren do the same. If we don't take note of all the benchmarks and store memories, we will answer the question,"What have you been doing?" with one word. "Nothing." Wouldn't that be a shame.

Just a thought!


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  1. Perfectly said, Barbara. I hate being stuck in routines; and I hate days when there's nothing to do and the clock doesn't move! I like these ideas....a balancing trick to make days fuller and richer. Anticipation and accomplishment are motivators; spontenaiety too...I'm going to make these little changes...different bed, different route etc! Great incentives here...thanks!


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