Sunday, June 14, 2015

Did I Say I Was Going to Keep My Hair Gray FOREVER?

Did I say I was going to keep my hair gray FOREVER? I am so sorry. I think I misspoke. Or I have been misquoted. See, nothing is forever in my life. The thing that keeps me thinking and acting (to the chagrin of my children) young is change. I love change a lot.

Lynne Morgan Spreen posted a quote by Blythe Danner yesterday on her Facebook account. The quote by Danner was, "I feel much more confident at 72 than I did at any younger year. I feel more liberated. When you've been on this Earth this long, life just gives you permission."

I agree with Danner - almost totally. While life may have given me permission to change my hair color or wear purple, I began working to give myself permission very early in life. I wanted to live each day while dancing in the rain. No one could actually liberate me if I didn't liberate myself first.

Forever is a very long time I think. Waiting for life or family or even God to give a me permission to be myself would have been a big mistake.

The only boundaries defining what color my hair or my house will be are those of morality, social consideration for others and the law. I might add that I would not do anything that truly offended those around me.

As for my hair, I will keep you posted. Oh, and in case you don't know, I am 73 and I have been married for almost 55 years. I must be doing something right!

Just a thought!


Lynn Morgan Spreen can be found at Any Shiny Thing - Life After 50 and she is a published author.

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