Friday, June 5, 2015

Greeting Card Lessons...bad things happen because LIFE SUCKS!

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I don't know about you but the glamor of creating my own greeting cards has lost it's luster. I like to go to the store and buy something, sign it and mail it. I had forgotten how simple it really was. And, everytime I go down that card aisle, I learn something new about aging or being a teen or what a woman wants or life in general.

We are in that graduation season now and our little grandson broke his arm. We also have a few birthdays in June/July, all of which we will never remember until it is over with. Needless to say we are on the hunt for the perfect cards. As a result I know stuff about greeting cards.

  1. You can learn about misfortune from greeting cards. I saw the card today that explains why bad things's because life sucks. It must be true because I saw it in the greeting card section of a big box store. 
  2. There are very few belated birthday cards and if you do find them they are on the bottom of the rack. I am a little older, have bad eyes and cannot get down on the floor to see the bottom row of cards. Besides who mails birthday cards on time? If you are doing that please quit. That may be why there are so few cards for people like me. You are messing with my world.
  3. Cards can be the gift. They talk, smell, come apart so you can reassemble them and try to be funny. The normal cards are not nearly as much fun even when you are old. I like those smelly puzzles with a Yoyo and Hoops celebrating in the background. All I want for my birthday is a smile anyway.
  4. If you break your arm and you are five, don't count on a card. Hallmark does not make a card for you.
  5. Greeting cards are expensive...or at least it seem like it to me. You can pay the price or read #6 to find a solution.
  6. You can use those cards over and over. Think of the savings. My friends and I do it all the time. The signatures mount up over the years and eventually they become a collectors item. I do laugh a lot when I get an old card with new writing. It is fun to get a card back that I sent originally...kind of like regifting to the wrong person but in a nice way.
So as Father's Day approaches I urge you to find the perfect card, sign it in pencil so the recipient can erase your signature and message if they want and they can send it back to you on your birthday with a little editing. 

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Oh, how I hear you! I've blogged about my difficulty in finding cards for certain situations - a friend with cancer, for example. I want a card that lies somewhere between "happy days, get well soon!" and "If you are reading this card, you know you are going to die soon". Or a woman I know who suffered a fall with a serious head injury and the cards are really more for her family, who is suffering greatly over her suffering.. I should be buying blank cards and putting in my own thoughts but I really enjoy having cards professionally written. Is there such a thing as a greeting card personal shopper? If not, there should be.

  2. I agree but I don't want it to be me!

  3. I have way more scrapbook paper than any person should have. I keep telling myself I'll use it to make greeting cards. Then it's someone's birthday and it's so much easier to head to Dollar Tree and pick up a card for 50 cents.
    I bought a lovely card for my son and daughter-in-law and wondered why my total was so much higher than I had anticipated. It turned out the card was $6. Yes, I returned it.

    1. Oh my gosh, I know just what you are talking about. I have to put my "frugal self" away when I shop for cards. But my family love the cards and so it is just part of my gift to them.

  4. OMG! You are too funny! I love it! I love making ALL of my own greeting cards including about 75 Christmas Cards each year! It keeps me creative!

    1. I love to do that too but I find myself getting lazier and lazier. As it turns out my cards are not as pretty as the ones I buy. Sigh!


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