Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Married for 70 Years...piece of cake!

Remember back in the day when you were so cool nothing impressed you. The moon could turn purple and you would just sniff your nose and start a conversation about your new shoes. Well, let me tell you, I must be getting younger because it is getting very hard to impress me. I am so cool.

For example, my husband told me yesterday about a couple that has been married for 70 years...a very long time in my book. But then he said the woman was 86 and the man was 87. That was where I ceased to be impressed...anyone can be married 70 years if they get married when they are 16 or 17! All they have to do is keep a job, raise a family, not kill each other and live long enough. I mean really, what is so impressive about that?

I often tell you that you will get old and you may as well get over it but I do not tell you HOW old you will be. My friends seem to be on the way to living FOREVER and it would surprise me if my husband and I did not follow in their footsteps. Living to be 86 or 87 does not seem as remarkable to me as it did at one time.

So, I'm just saying...being married to one another for 70 years could be a piece of cake if you get married very young and can endure 70 years with the same person. Nothing to it!


P.S. My husband and I will be married 55 years in November but if we were to live to be married for 70 years, I would be 89 and he would be 93. We would have to stay married for another 15 years. If that happens
I will be impressed. And, if we do survive that long I expect 150 messages from celebrities including one from the President and another from the Pope just like the Arambula's received. So mark November 23, 2030 on your calendar.


  1. So tell me about those shoes!

    I'll mark 11/23/30 on my calendar. You will make it. I never will because I was 21 when I got married to my first husband and 49 when I married Art. So we're not even in the running.

    1. We will have another "almost" party...that way we will get to celebrate it no matter what!

      Those shoes were white suede and I did love them even though I could not actually even leave the house without ruining the suede!

  2. I will be 91 and hub 93 when and if our 70th roles around, another 26 years. Possible, but...Meanwhile I will send you congratulations on 11/23/30.

    1. We will put you on our list of invited guests!

  3. Okay, I'm going shopping for an anniversary card ... do they have one for 70?

    1. Well they should if they don't! :) We will be needing one.


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