Tuesday, March 20, 2018

George, the Wash Dog

So here we are in a new location...moved from a park model in a winter RV resort for 55+...summer camp in the winter if you will...now living in a townhome with real everyday people, going to work, taking care of aging parents and families of children. Some are just generally retired and living out life. Real life, no planned activities save a beautiful swimming pool that is closed in the winter.
The Office

I like it a lot. I happen to love change.

But each bit of "new" has its challenges. The real issue here is getting to know people, neighbors with children or grandchildren and dogs or cats. How does one go about that? It can be hard.

The Living/Dining room
I have been know to trip people and then lean over them as they lay on the ground with my hand out introducing myself, "Hi, my name is Barbara." I will say. "What's yours?" Something like that!

My most successful introductions are made because I love animals and children. That is how George the Dog came into my life. His owner was walking him soon after we moved in and I crossed the street to introduce myself. George was aloof and wouldn't come near my offered hand.

He is a big black dog of dubious breeding and mysterious age. What we do know is that George is a Wash Dog. In case you didn't know, a Wash Dog is a dog that lives in the dry riverbed we call a wash here in Arizona. His owner walks in the wash almost daily. When she saw George, her heart went out to him. He followed her on her walks but would not come close. Tired, hungry and dirty it was evident that he needed some love and a home. So she spent many walks enticing him to come with her.

George was a reluctant animal and didn't see the need for a civilized life even though he wasn't doing so good on his own. He still doesn't understand what a backyard is and will not go out any door that leads to one. 

When he is out for a walk and he knows he is getting near going into the house, he simply sits down stubbornly. The thing is I fell in love with George at very first sight. There is something about the old fool that I just cannot resist.

His owner, Donna, really should have a special place in heaven for making a place in her home for him. Her elderly mother is being cared for there too and he shares the limelight with a aging beagle (or is it a basset hound?) 

That home is just bursting with life and light. I am just a little bit envious. 

How do you feel about Wash Dogs? Want one? Me too. (I cannot have a dog right now but I can dream.)



  1. I never heard of Wash Dogs before, but it makes sense. I think I would fall for him, too, given a chance to meet him. :-)

    1. Georges are hard to find! But when you do you count yourself lucky!

  2. No wash dogs here, but we do have a few itinerant muskrats. (One got into my garage but no one would let me keep him.)

    1. Well I admire your desire to own a Muskrat...whatever that is! :)


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