Sunday, March 18, 2018

On Giving the Weatherman Advice

I know it all and if you don't believe it just ask me! I alway have a piece of important advice to give. It can be a big problem but that is the way I am...God had a plan but I am still not sure what it was.

From my kitchen window.
The best piece of advice I ever gave was to the weatherman on a particularly beautiful day. The windows were open and the sun was shining and the TV news was on the screen. The weatherman (yes it was a man) stood there talking about rain and cold and miserable. That was when I heard myself say, "Oh for goodness sakes, don't you ever look out the wind?"

In this day and age, where life is passing before our eyes on the TV screen, I think that a lot of us have totally forgot to simply go outside or open the blinds and look out the window.

I am taking my own advice for the first time ever. I spend very little time on my computer. I have put my iphone away when I drive/ride in the car. The warning I get that tells me that I will not be receiving notifications while driving started it all. Why was I looking for stuff on my phone the minute I got in the car to the point that I phone told me to stop? Wow, I did not realize what a habit had become.
Out my bedroom window.

For so many years I used that time in car to catch up on internet stuff. Even back when we were traveling in the RV I figured out how to run my camera or cell phone or even wrote off line. Obsessed would be the word I would use to describe how I functioned in my life.

So I have one more piece of advice. Try putting it all away for a while. You will be surprised that buildings and roads were built. A whole world of things have happened that you did not know about.

I have read books...I actually have gone to the library and gotten books to hold in my hand. I even ordered Hello Fresh food to try out something different to eat. I slice and dice and read a real hold in my hands recipe.

I quit wearing glasses that were basically for computer use and bought ones that are single vision-look at the whole world glasses. Wow, it is amazing.

Yup, it turned out that it wasn't just the weatherman that needed to look out the window. I needed to do that too.

What are you up to these day?

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Thanks for visiting my place! Yes, buy an almanac - any one. They are endlessly fascinating books.

    1. I suppose they are one of the few books that appeal to humans of all ages. Your blog post made me laugh!

  2. Or, of course, go outside as YOU suggest. The world itself is an endless read if we take the time to really see it instead of just letting it pass us by.

    1. Sometimes I get so busy with what is going on inside my head that I forget to notice the sky is falling! Thank goodness I am not the weatherman/woman.

  3. Good advice for getting away from our electronic devices for a bit.

  4. I go out every morning and walk for a long time. Then, I'm on my computer, but I have to take a lot of breaks. I can't sit in one spot for very long.

    1. Yes, we do all need to keep moving don't we...and looking out the window. :)


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