Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Retirement and Bill Clinton: That's What I'm Talking About!

I know you have all seen the interviews with Bill Clinton and James Patterson. The newly released book co-authored by the duo give the media a chance to gather information from the less and less visible Clinton. It has been interesting. PERIOD!

But that is not what I am thinking. I am thinking, "That is what I am talking about!" When an former President of the United States takes a left turn (the dangerous kind of turn) and comes out doing something totally different I am interested.

See, I have been expounding on the possibilities in retirement for over 10 years now. We retirees are all "former" something and taking that left turn, the one that challenges us to be creative in a different way, is the one that can be so much fun.

Thank you President Clinton for setting a good example for retirees. We are all multi-talented if we choose to be and retirement gives us the opportunity to explore a new talent.

So, here we go...thanks to James Patterson and Bill Clinton.

What could be your "left turn"?

Have a wonderful day!


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