Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Technology in Retirement or When to Unplug the Computer

One of lots of possible warnings. Take
a look here.
We all know that going "unplugged" for a day or two is a good thing. But I am not talking about that kind of being "unplugged". This issue is an entirely differ thing.

Let me begin by telling you what happened to me the other day. You know that I have cut the cord and do not have cable TV anymore. In order to do this I have had to learn now to connect to the golf match and Major League Baseball online using a Roku. This involves visiting websites I would not ordinarily even care about. So I went out into the cyber world. Usually I don't worry because I have been very lucky.

We were trying to watch golf and a PGA tournament that was on over the weekend. I could not figure how to get that for my husband. I did find what we wanted but...there was a catch.

This where I want you to pay attention. The website I found told me the match was available for viewing but I would need to update my Adobe Flash Drive .0 something. So I clicked on the link to update my video application. Before I knew what was happening that blasted MacCleaner popped up and installed itself AGAIN. I never did see anything about the video application. I had spend a great deal of time getting rid of MacCleaner a while ago so I was not happy.

Fortunately, a tutorial was available and it went away! Thank heavens for that.

That was when a loud siren went off inside my computer and a Microsoft announcer on the computer said my IMac was infected with a virus. They had locked my computer totally. I was told to NOT turn off my computer and to call a number for help.

Even though I have an Apple computer, I do use Word for my word processor. It startled me as I thought through the possibilities and a little panic set in. But fortunately reason won the day.


I think that even if I were using a PC I would do the same thing. This is a scam plain and simple. These people will ask to get into your computer and then want you to pay the several hundred dollars so that problem will never happen again.

When I turned on my computer the next day it was as though nothing had happened. If I had had a problem I would call Apple Care. If you have a PC, call a professional locally and have them check things out. DO NOT ALLOW SOMEONE ONLINE TO GET INTO YOUR COMPUTER!

I might add that I will not be updating that type of thing without being sure of what I am doing. Chrome with tell me is things need to be taken care of. Being in a hurry is not good.

Any questions?

Have a wonderful day.



  1. It is all too scary. I always feel vulnerable when I am online.

    1. You should not be afraid at all. The chances of this happenin to you are very slim. But, if it does, do what I did. You will be fine!

  2. I've gotten those messages before, that my Apple is infected with a horrible virus. I do just what you did: turn it off, or close the browser that gave me the message works, too. Then I usually will reboot once I turn it back on. And I have AppleCare just in case. :-)

    1. I actually had a problem getting it to turn off. That was why I unplugged...forgot to mention that part! :[

  3. A similar screen has been popping up on my PC. So far just exiting the internet and then clicking back in has solved the problem. I am wondering why all the malware, etc. protection loaded on my computer aren't preventing this from happening.

    1. I actually think my problem came FROM the mac clean app. That is what is so maddening. Good luck!

  4. I have had this happen before with my MacBook. The first time, I called the number and talked to a person who wanted me to let him "fix" it online. I hung up and took it to the Apple Store where the "genius" unlocked it with a key sequence. Other times, if I just restart, the problem disappeared. Definitely a scam!


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