Thursday, July 12, 2018

Retirement Saving: Cutting Another Cord to Save

Are you retired and trying to make your money go a long way? How informed are you? Do you keep up with technology and all it has to offer? AND how old is your TV or do you have a TV with a ROKU already installed?

Why do I ask? Well, I am a newbie to TV Apps but boy am I catching on to what is available and how much money I can save.

We had tried cutting the TV cable cord many years ago but it was not a good thing. And we have tried several choices for cable service but there really is no way to get a reasonably priced cable service. Going without was not what we wanted. We like our TV.

We have used a ROKU for several years now but never really taken advantage of all it had to offer. Our TV here in Oregon is not new so it is not as tech savvy as it could be. The Roku has given us a lot of choices but streaming tv service is a wonderful upgrade!.

We were missing the boat. When we were in to our AT&T store recently to upgrade our phone, the sales rep mentioned Directv Now streaming tv server. Where have we been? I did not even know there was such a thing. I had done a trial of one of the other streaming servers but never explored the possibilities.

When the rep told us that we could try it. We could cancel at anytime and that our tv entertainment bill would drop to half as much as we had been paying, I was interested. So we signed up and resolved to simply not use our dish for a week to see if we could get what we wanted.

Here is where the technology comes you want to use all those apps on your ROKU or TV? If you are not using your computer, wireless network + a streaming server to get what you want, you are missing the boat. It takes a little learning but it is well worth wise and quality wise. The picture is great and the money saved is a good thing.

The only upgrade we have purchased is the PBS APP.

So now we have cut the phone line and only use cell phones and we have cut the cable tv line...both are gone forever. It is a very nice feeling.

Give it a try!


Note: Other streaming services like HULU and SLING would work just a well I think. They may even be cheaper.


  1. Great post. I've just recently heard of SLING. We really need to cut the cable.

  2. Assuming you have a good Internet connection, which we don't (our's is erratic at 1mbs where most major cities have 50 mbs or more) Internet accessed TV is the way to go. Netflix and Amazon along with Roku have most of the channels we watch. No cable news so that is also a good thing in today's world. Our REMC is pledging to have a fiber network within three years at 50mbs. Can't wait. AT&T could easily provide us with adequate Internet but they don't like the decreased profit margin compared to bigger cities.

  3. I don't even know what some of those abbreviations mean, silly me, but we cut the cable cord several years ago and through Amazon Prime I subscribe to AcornTV $5 a month and Britbox $7 a month and a family member gives me Netflix so I have a wide array of shows to watch. I can ask Alexa to find a show or movie, quite a nice set up.

  4. We cut the cord seven years ago, when we first retired, dropping both cable and our landline phone, saving an estimated $8,400+ at this point. We pay $59 a month for high speed internet, have Roku, and share multiple streaming channels with our family. We subscribe to Hulu @ $7 a month, and other family members share their subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime. It works great in that we are on different coasts, so as they are turning off their TV for the night, we're just turning ours on.

    I would never, ever go back, even if I were given cable for free. It's a time sucker/waster we do not miss one little iota.


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