Wednesday, December 4, 2019

ON Paying for the Internet

Is there any point to fighting with your internet service company over a bill? I know that you all have had the same experience. Truly, I don't want them to get really mad at us and disconnect our service. They are the only game in town.

My husband is negotiating fees and at one time in that conversation he acted like he was going to tell them to take that service and......  I am telling you having it disconnected is very frightening.

At one time my husband I were the only ones on the block that could operate a computer. In the RV resort we lived in for many years I was the go to expert on all things that had to do with technology. People owned computers but they were simply afraid to actually use them. Even email confounded them totally.

One of my neighbors lost his wife and all he really wanted was for the email to go away! Seriously, the web was very big and people just could not wrap their minds around stepping out into that world.

As our world became and more flat (is that the word I want to use) people began to go into the world more and more. The internet was their link to places like China and Australia. News from families came instantly and a far away place was not so far away anymore.

Now, my friends are so adept at using the web that they are telling me what to do. I like that a lot.

But, our Xfinity internet works fine but is very expensive. Eking every penny out of the service is our goal. Will arguing with them help? I seriously doubt it. My husband is still on the phone and he is willing to stay there until his phone charge is gone or he just falls over.

Have you had that problem and need to get it off your chest? A good rant is healthy sometimes!

Have a great day.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I make a living online so I´d be very scared of losing my connection. :-D


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