Sunday, December 1, 2019

When My Pants Fell Down

I know, how does that happen?
You know that if life is not messing with you, you are not alive. Honestly, humiliation and embarrassment is the stuff of which life is is sandwiched in between all that happiness, joy and love that you are experiencing the rest of the time.

So having your pants fall down is not bad, it is just life messing with you...not that I have ever actually have had my pants fall down very often.

I read No Ordinary Time by Joyce Kearns Goodwin several years ago. It was one of those books that left you feeling like someone had moved out of your house when you finished. Kearns led me day by day, hour by hour through the WWII era in the White House that the Roosevelt's occupied. Some parts of that book will never go away...neither will the good laughs I had along the way.

For example, as I recall the story, rationing of gasoline did not have so much to do with a shortage as it did for women needing girdles. (I know that is an exaggeration but still the fact that it was a factor made me laugh). See, when a car drives the tires wear out. When tires wear out, rubber was needed to replace them. The problem was that if you rationed rubber, women would need to go without girdles because rubber was needed to make the girdle be "girdley". It seems that it was a commonly held truth that a woman's good health depended on her girdle! So war effort or no war effort, a woman needed stretchy girdles to keep them alive.

That is where my pants falling down comes in. See, I was shopping with my aunt, my mom's older sister, and my panties fell down as we walked down the main street of Huntington Oregon. The world stood still as my aunt grabbed me up and hurried went home. I think I was 3. I know that my mom got a royal chewing out because she never quit talking about it for the rest of her life. I don't honestly remember it but mom made sure I knew. The lesson was, of course, never go out with dirty or worn out underwear.

Having a wardrobe failure is not a good thing ever. Unzipped pants, top button coming loose and of course having ones pants fall down in the parking lot of Albertsons can ruin a person's day...unless you have a very good sense of humor. This might have happened to me....maybe.

There will be a pair of very good black golfing pants with a faulty zipper and snap at the waist
at goodwill soon I am told. And, because I am smart, I realize that if that ever did happen to me, any day that it did not happen to me would be a very good day.

Have fun and happy Sunday.



  1. I remember being in my 30's and going shopping with my mom and her two sisters and as we were walking in my aunt's wrap around skirt somehow can untied on a very windy day. That skirt went flying and of course, I started trying to grab in flying by and I'll never forget turning around and seeing these three women (in their 70's at the time) sitting on the curb laughing until they cried. It's one of my very best memories of them. All but one is gone now. (Rena)

    1. Rena, I love you so much...really, what could a person do so laughing is the best solution.

      Be well.


  2. Omgoodness when thigh thighs were a thing, mine fell down to my ankles as I walked down the center aisle of a theatre to see my first live opera. It was horrifying.

    1. You are true friends...just to know that I am not the only one but one of three makes me feel better. HOWEVER, where are the other millions of women out there that maybe have had that happen to me.


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