Saturday, November 30, 2019

Going Going Gone! much longer will the beat go on?

My 59th Wedding Anniversary much
longer will the "beat go on"?
I don't know if you have noticed but Retire in Style Blog is GONE and may never be back. It seems that while I was traveling and getting ready to travel and unpacking after traveling my blog domain expired. This is not a good thing for my life but the beat goes one.

The blog has a new name...Retire in Style Blog Too.  Simple and straight forward. I don't know that anyone is missing me that won't know about this as soon as I publish on Facebook and the groups I belong to there. The thing that upsets me is that my stats were pretty darn good.

In fact, I had accumulated of 1,400,000 views. Thankfully, I don't earn any money so I suppose it is just a tempest in a teapot. The only thing that is hurt is my pride.

The interesting thing is I could not figure out what was going on. It never occurred to me that something like this could happen. Everything was on automatic pay. But the thing is our credit cards had been hacked, we changed them and I didn't realize the implications for that. Going on auto pilot can get you into trouble.

I went to a forum to see if I could get answers for 0 traffic and inability to access the blog page. Several people were having the same trouble...what was up? Then it occurred to me what the problem was. I personally have bid on my original blog domaine, bought a couple others and have moved to my new address. Phew...!

Now all I have to do is find a stat counter that allows me to start where I left off. That might not happen but it is worth a try!

Here's a good question for you...At the age of 78 now many years do you renew your domain for?

Have a wonderful day...I have missed you all.



  1. My move, etc, did not see the loss of my domain It did see the end of all that was in my archives. In other words, years of running an online magazine, with so much evergreen material, gone...forever. Oh well. I now point to MidLifeBloggers/com on my site Get a fair amount of traffic, and probably a lot of disappointed people because there's nothing from MidLifeBloggers left there.

    1. This is my experience exactly. The traffei generated at the start up of Women of Midlife gave me the boost I needed at the time. The group is still there and I hope it will help me get a running start again. Thank you for visiting.

  2. Barbara, I have always liked your writing style, and your topics. I am frustrated for you and all you've gone through to recapture your blog, but keep writing...people like me who have been through our own blog experiences like to hear about others. And, I love your attitude in general which comes through in your writing, loud and clear.

    1. thank you Susan. I don't plan on going away...the question now is how much longer will I keep writing (a blog). I cannot imagine not telling stories or making connections ever.

      Be well!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry about the loss of your domain name / posts. I admire your attitude about it. You are forging ahead with renewed purpose and energy. High fives and hugs to you!

    1. Karen, it alway nice to know that people care. Thank you so much.



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