Saturday, February 6, 2021

"Honey, I'm Sorry but You Tube Cannot Tell us How to Fix This!!"

 Now, let me tell you that this business we love so much...well not really a business just a hobby...of restoring old houses is hard! I mean it is really hard. Yes it can be mentally exhausting but physically? It can push you into the wall.

But most of our problems can be solve with a visit to You Tube. We have installed garbage disposals with sketchy instruction and a microwave over the stove using You Tube. My husband installed a tile floor in my bathroom in Oregon using a You Tube video. Not much cannot be accomplished using a You Tube video. We even watched a man building a log cabin last night so there you have it!

We have been officially moved in for 3 week now. We have gotten the furniture in place, hung pictures and light fixtures. The yard (my dream come true) is next to a golf course putting surface and I've got to tell you it makes my yard look very very bad. I cannot have that! But You Tube cannot help me...only hard work and chemicals can do that.

But my husband has problems of his own. The light fixture over the kitchen sink did not light and after looking at the insides of it, we decided to buy a new one...updated and beautiful. You would think that just putting up a light fixture would be pretty straight forward, right? Not true. Now we have eight wires hanging from the opening and the light in the family room over our chairs does not work nor does the switch to the outside light. What does work is totally mystifying. My husband is scratching his head and sighing a lot...we called an electrician.

We had to finally admit that there was not a video for our problem...our house was wired by a long dead electrician that might have been a little untrained! I don't know that for sure so I need to be kind.

After really taking a good look at the electrical panel outside we can see that it may need to be replaced too. Yikes!

So, here in Tucson the building and buying of real estate is very good. SOOOO, we have to wait on an electrician that is worth his/her salt. I guess Monday evening will be fine...we have only been without a ceiling light for 3 days so a couple more won't matter. I get the evening cooking done early but clean up is a little iffy in the dark!

So, that is how life is going. We love this house. I think it is because like us, it is old and a iffy...:)

How's your life going?


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