Sunday, January 31, 2021

How To Be A Snowbird: Going in reverse?

 I've never been very good at backing up...posts and other people's cars should know better. It is their fault I think but then that is just me.

Now I find my life going that way...but in a good way. Sure there are posts and other people in my way but not to worry. It is all good!

When my husband and I bought a new/old house recently that was considerable bigger than the "small house" we thought was going to be perfect, we looked at each other in amazement...what were we doing?

In the end it turned out that our need to be "new" and "trendy" was gone. We just wanted what was comfortable and beautiful in a place we felt at home.

I think I wrote about this house we are turning into our new home earlier. It is located on the 5th green at the golf course we have played at for years. The first time I played here I wanted this house. When it finally came on the market, it was what we had waiting for all these years. In fact, we both wondered if it was not too late. But, we know that if you are going to make dreams come true, sometimes you just need to plow through. So that is what we did.

I find myself thinking that I wish we had had this home when our children were growing up or when most of our grandchildren were little. There is lots of room for all of our family...1800 square feet...yet we two can still clump together and feel cozy. The sun streams in from both the east and west and, in the winter when we will live here, the sun shinesa in our bedroom window almost all day. 

Like us, the house is not new. Built in 1973 it is coming up on 50 years old. What that is in house (dog) years I don't know. I shows its age in a few places but mostly it is a very nice golf course home. Good bones in every way.

So, we have decided that we like reverse and are going to savor every moment we get to experience. I will have my first party next week. A friend will be the guest of honor. We will have so much fun in our own way.

I wish I could invite you all...that would be a dream come true for me. I do love a party!

So what have you been doing?



  1. Beautiful home with a stunning view. When it is safe Betty and I will drop by for visit!

    1. I hope so...we are not terribly paranoid so maskes and being outside to visit words for us. We socially distance in the house. Our hands are sore from washing so much. Let s know.


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