Tuesday, June 8, 2021

On Saying "Thank You"

I belong to a group of women on Facebook...interesting midlife women...authors, influencers, lifelong learners, mothers, grandmothers... Everything from an author of teen books to wonderful fashionistas grace that group...2.0K strong.

But more than that, the group has come to epitomize the online friendship that has meaning. Many of those woman have been in my online life since those day when I wrote to a "prompt" on Friday or Sundays. I loved those day because they were the ones that built the ability to get words down on the page in some order. We wrote thoughts on things that we were not necessarily passionate about but that, at the moment, were inspiring. We all know that the need to write comes from somewhere inside much like our appetite. We don't know what we are hungry for. We just know we are hungry. Yes, it is just like that.

So on that connection with midlife women there is a woman that keeps us on track even though it may be weeks between times that we visit. AND she is alway there...dependable and interesting.

I went back the other day, in a way like going home, and there she was inviting us to share our thoughts. It then occurred to me that I had not ever told her "thank you" for just being there. I decided that I would do that and invited others to do the same. At last count 69 women had come forward.

The most interesting thing was that she was sitting with  her mother as she lay dying when that thought and action came to me. Don't you wonder at that? 

So we all think of her, pray if that is our way and watch for what the outcome will be. 

Hopefully, "thank you" will help just a little bit. Be well Ann Parris and know that we all love you in our own way.



  1. I saw that interaction, and Anne's subsequent news that her mother's earthly journey had ended, and it brought me to tears. Life is too precious and short, and I forget to say "thank you" to the people who matter in my life too often.

  2. Dear Barbara, the truths we learn as we continue our journey through the days of our lives is that all is mystery. We are not in control of anything except how we respond to the vagaries and vicissitudes of living. In that mystery, it seems to me are the surprises of timing and synchronicity and the simple tenderness of a thank you. I'm so happy for you that the inner prompt came, that you followed it, and that Ann Parris received the touch of humanity that is Oneness. Peace.


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