Thursday, July 1, 2021

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned!

This number of deaths is being updated hourly. That is so sad and awful.
 When I ask for forgiveness, it is not generally about  religion or the commandments handed down from the mount. I ask forgiveness for all of those things that I have personally done to destroy this beautiful blue planet I get to live on until I am not alive anymore. 

I have never been more aware of the harm done than I was last week when a heat wave hit Oregon and Washington with a vengeance that had the weather people calling it a 1000 year phenomena. Global Warming it turns out is not a myth and never was. The reality is that we are being punished for being careless and, well, dumb! 

Do you feel that way? Are you sorry for what you have done? 

If I were in a confessional and I had someone with the power to forgive me, there is a list of transgression. They begin with my car and end with my greed.

  • forgive me for that 8 or 9 cylinder gas drinking monster that I looked so cool in when I was young. I knew even then it was wrong to feel pride in owning that thing. (the catalytic converter didn't work anyway.)
  • forgive me for not being a fan of recycling when my children were very young. I knew better but squashing pop cans and sorting glass seems like it was just to much trouble.
  • forgive me for wasting water. My neighbor, Clementine is in her nineties and she is still pouring her dish water on her plants like she did when she was 40. I was simply lazy and didn't see that saving water would help. I didn't know that we would need it later.
  • forgive me for discarded gum wrappers and paper cups I probably tossed from my car windows.
  • forgive me for all the wasted food I threw out because I could not abide leftovers. The landfills are full of my stuff.
  • forgive me for using awful detergent, spray cans and all those things that contaminate our air and ground. I am so sorry.
  • forgive me for doing anything that was harmful because it saved me money or didn't make be happy. I was greedy and selfish.
  • and so much more...please forgive me.
I had a friend look at me as though I had cussed when I talked about Mother Earth being mad. It has occurred to me that it is Not Mother Earth That Is is God and the Angels and the Communion of Saints and Allah and Buddha and the spirits of our deceased relatives that are angry. Plus many more.

Is that possible? If it isn't, then it must just be that we/I have messed up so badly that our Earth is going to fail. 

I am told there is time...I hope so. It is not looking good.

So please "forgive me for I have sinned."

What do you think?


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  1. Dear Barbara. I'm not into the belief that there's a God who punishes us with natural disasters. We have brought all this on ourselves, as I think you are saying. I do think, however, that in the Holy Oneness of All Creation of which you and I and the gas with whom I live and all of us are united as Divinity, there are all those who have gone before me--Mom, Dad, friends, cats, all who raised me and taught me and befriended me--who weep for what my generation has done and has failed to do. Peace.


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