Friday, August 6, 2021

Gone are the days!

It is not easy being me…but then you already know that. I am almost 80, my husband is 83 but most importantly, I am trying to see the logic of actions at my age.

For example, I am working out if I really need two big iMac computers. The ones I own now are 10 years old and have basically quit functioning in real sense. Most things are the same as a new computer BUT just extremely slow. For those of you that have been dealing with computers for many years there is an understanding that a Mac is not designed for adding memory in a tower so when you reach your max, you are just done and done.

So what I am doing now is using an iPad Pro that my husband bought for me about 4 years ago. So far I have been able to keep updating and am even finding soft….no…apps that work better and better. I just installed a Blogger iPad app that seems to work pretty good. We will see. They want me to upgrade to the pro but we will see about that too. I probably will because I cannot publish unless I buy the app. Sigh!

Actually I have had this iPad long enough that I have worn out the protective cover/keyboard. I shopped for one that might be good and cost less than a new Apple cover…those things are really expensive. I finally found one that is ok. The keyboard is small in comparison to the first one but I am slowly getting used to it. It is call Fintie. It has a backlit keyboard that helps some. It is not a bright as I had hoped but it better that nothing.

The case itself seems to be heavy but the iPad is heavy to begin with so I am not sure if it adds weight or it is just my imagination.

Do you think that going from a computer it a iPad or a device like it is expecting too much? I am new at editing photos with apps but I am managing to get some good results. I would like it to be professional but I am not one so there is that. 

Do you have ideas or suggestions for me? I am listening.

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  1. Oh, man, you are way ahead of me, Barbara! Me and electronics...we're not friends!
    When I have something go wrong, my only manoeuvre is 'control-alt-delete...Joe!' (my SIL)
    I do write quite a bit on my iPad with a little keyboard cover. It has worked for me for about 6 years now! But if it dies? I'm sunk because I have NO IDEA what to do to replace it!


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