Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ace Hardware Store Haiku

We were discussing every imaginable thing over a delicious salad luncheon before our monthly book club meeting. Conversation wandered from the construction on our home to the knob that fell off of one ladies cabinet...the brass screw was broken.

After trips to big box stores and little box store, she arrived at the Ace Hardware store. The clerk actually found her what she needed. One (1) brass screw of the right length and she paid almost nothing for it. She does not have 25 screws in varying sizes rattling around in the junk draw. The knob is on the cabinet. It is just amazing.

Women, believe it or not love a hardware store. We can find pot and pans, squeegey, mops, screws, light bulbs and paint. If you don't know how to repair something, chances are some helpful man/woman will be will to sell you the tools and give you a free lesson on how to use them.

We actually decided that we all love the ACE Hardware store on 185th at TV highway. There was poetry first, well more of a limeric, and then being the cultured and educated women we are, there was HAIKU (smile).

The Cabi-net Door
lost the darn knob
Never more

Thank you very much ACE Hardware

Mary Jo and Susan.

Have a great day!

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