Thursday, May 7, 2009

St. George, UT How to Choose a Motel....I wish I knew!

Hot air balloon seen this morning from the 1st tee box on the St. George Golf Club.

I don't know everything about travel. Getting reservations at a resort several month in advance is one thing. I can do that. My husband and I are time share owners so we are limited by what is available our vacation location . Our choices are narrowed naturally in that case.

But choosing a motel is quite another thing. Clean, handy, non-smoking are our requirements. We don't care about the pool or even the breakfast in the morning. We do care about stains on the carpet, a bed spread that is stained and a bathroom that leaves us feeling a little wozzy! The trick is to pay the least for the best! WE ARE NOT GOOD AT FINDING JUST THE RIGHT THING! Unfortunately we have stayed in more expensive places for less, been placed next to the laundry or furnace and spent a wakeful night, Even 4 stars are not a quarantee. Expedia or other discount sights are not a sure thing. We have payed a fortune and had our granddaughter stung by a scorpion.

In the mean time wish us well. We are staying motels for the next few nights. Our fate is in their hands!

Oh by the way, if you have a secret method of finding just the right place let me know. If there were a little black book...the secret to motel room selection...we would buy it. We are staying in the Ramada here in St. George tomorrow night. The room will cost us $97.77. It is near restaurants and an outlet mall. I hope it is worth it. I will let you know how that turns out!


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