Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charbonneau Living, Wilsonville, Oregon

If you should choose to retire in Oregon or have a second home here, Charbenneau in Wilsonville may be the place for you. The resort feeling community has a variety of types of homes. While Condos, apartments and alone houses provide just what you need. It is designed for aging in place or at least in the community and there are assisted living facilities and even an Alzheimer's unit near by.

The Charbenneau Golf Club located within the community features three nines. This type of course gives a member or visitor a variety of golfing experience without having to travel far from home. When you look at the rates, you will be very pleased. Weekend rates come it at $28 and a junior can play nine for only $10. For a retired Senior that loves to play, this could be just perfect. If you have grandchildren that want to play with you, it is very affordable.

More information in a day or two. I will include pictures.



  1. You know, perhaps, that I live in Eugene.

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