Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down Sizing or Rightsizing? It's all in the attitude.

This is the house
my grandmother and grandfather
moved into 60 years ago when they "right sized" their life.

I was going through my twitter twits this afternoon when I noticed a blog link from the Red Stone Community in Alhambra, California. I think you all may find it very interesting.

Rightsizing Your Life is that move we all make where we decide that the children are not going to come home with three children of their own and a giant dog! While our culture may call it downsizing the truth is we are choosing to life in a house that fits our lifestyle now. See...it is all in the attitude. Take a look at this article and then check out the book on Amazon.com.


Rightsizing Your Live: Simplifying Your Surroundings While Keeping What Matter Most (Paperback) by Kiji Ware Author is available at Amazon.com


  1. Thanks for visiting All Things Aging. One thought I have about rightsizing is that it has to be on the person's own terms. My siblings and I have been trying to talk our parents into downsizing -- they live in a 5 bedroom house, which was great when there were 5 kids at home. But now, with one child (senior in high school) at home, seems like they could free up some of their own time if they moved somewhere that didn't require so much upkeep. But...my dad is not at all ready. So I've stopped bringing it up. It's his decision, not mine.

  2. A couple with four boys lived in this house before us--and they didn't even have the second bath we added. It's always more, more, more, seems like. Even this is too much, I think, our 1400 foot house with the double garage, but working on a house for much of 19 years, and then leaving it is tough too.

  3. I've seen this book and others like it. I have been reducing the number of my belongings for a while. I love it. It's not that I don't ever want stuff, but I have thinned down my stuff enough that I don't mind bringing other stuff once in a while.


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