Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More (the magazine) + Travel Cheap at Christmas

Magazine Recommendation

I have a new favorite magazine...it's for women that are 40+! So here is the deal...my old "old" is now my new "young"! (or something like that!) That is why I love More magazine. It is designed for women who are over forty ("Celebrating 40+" is the byline). The articles are pertinent to my life style even though I am in my late 60s and are a very good read. In a recent edition Phyllis Le Chat wrote an article called "How Not to Act Old...RAVE". And boy did she RAVE with gusto about a subject I find interesting!!!

We all tend to do this once in a while, rave that is...even those of us that are guilty of some of the sins she described. We don't "keep going" at the grocery store and tend to block the aisles while we try to find the right hair dye color, we don't text with our thumbs and well, we probably all still leave voice mails. Most of us wear watches and if we leave it at home, aren't smart enough to just check our cell phones for the time. Many of us are walking office or cocktail hour "archives", spouting more information than anyone ever wants. La Chat was just plain irritated by all these things and thought that, if you were still working, you should avoid doing these things...especially in front of your co-workers. In her mind, they just made you appear older than you really were.

I had to agree with her in that we do tend to do things that are "old" acting. The walking "archive" is a sure give away as is the stopping in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store (I do that and need to stop stopping in everyone's way!). After all the place is not a museum and if I can't find it, I should keep walking and ask someone standing in a corner.

Now this is where the new "old" is the new "young" for me. There was a time when I thought 50 was old. But not any more. I am 67, I don't work and all the people that I know that do are much, much younger than me. A working 50 year old woman seems a very youthful person to me. I am very interested in what they do and how their world works. They don't want to talk about it or anything in their lives for that matter, at least not with me...hence my interest in More. Many of the articles and features show clothing for women over 20, hair styles for a grown up woman, models my age and so much more (no pun intended). It is just good to see something, anything in a magazine that does not talk about getting older in a "wheel chair" tone of voice. You just might want to check on it.

FTI: More.com has most of the articles from the last issue.


We just purchased our tickets home from

City of TucsonImage via Wikipedia

Arizona for Christmas the other day...wow were they cheap. Going through Expedia we scored seats on Delta. We will travel round trip from Tucson to Portland for about $240 each. We will travel on Dec. 16 (Monday) returning on January 5 (Tuesday). We have an American Express card that gives us airline miles money that we can apply toward the charge for our airline ticket. We like to use them for big trips but we could have done this on this trip too. We would have had a free ticket.

Just for Fun

I think it was Steven Cobert from The Cobert Report that said "aarp" was what old people groaned when they got out of a chair. Or was that me? I am just not ready to belong to an organization with that name. When I get old maybe! (smile)

Have a wonderful day.

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